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Success Stories for Chiropractor and Physical Therapist Dr. Jon Kakleas

"About five years ago, I came to see Dr. Kakleas with neck and back pain, and intermittent numbness in my right hand. I am a hairdresser, so the nature of my work exacerbated my injuries. My injuries threatened the progress of my career. I felt I was caught in a vicious cycle of re-injury.

Dr. Kakleas has taught me how to re-train my body to work safely and avoid further injury. He has given me a regimen of exercises and stretches, as well as suggestions for quick, on-the-job relief of tension and pain.

Since the occupational demands on my body will continue, I continue to see Dr. Kakleas for maintenance. My problems are minimized and finally manageable with the help of Dr. Kakleas. "

~ Ann Brewer Phillips, Business Owner

"After two knee surgeries and one back surgery I was starting to lose my mobility. Under Dr. K's care I have improved my golf game and can still hit my drives over 250 yards."

~ Hector Benitez, Track and Field Coach, age 65

"Dr. Kakleas has been the best doctor I've been to. He does an excellent job of telling you what's wrong and different ways of rehabbing it. Some of the things he does for his patients include stretches, ultrasound, and some of his famous elbow digging.

Dr. Kakleas has done a phenomenal job of keeping me on the field and getting me back to 100%."

~ Anthony Dotto-Mihelich, Terra Linda High School, age 16

"Dr K has treated me for numerous sport and work related injuries over the past several years. The confidence and trust I have in Dr K has been demonstrated by entrusting both family and friends into his care without hesitation. Everyone ends up thanking me."

~ Rick Russell, Commander of the Marin Major Crimes Task Force

"Firefighting is a risky and dangerous occupation. After 25 years of service, I was injured on the job. I was referred to Dr. Jon Kakleas. I quickly realized that I was receiving great care and treatment.

With Dr. Kakleas's treatment and exercise program, I was able to return to work sooner than anticipated. I have continued to see him ever since.

I have referred several people to Dr. Kakleas and they all have the same opinion. Dr. Kakleas' skill, professionalism and manner are beyond measure."

~ Jerry Thrasher, Fire Captain

"I first came to see Dr. Kakleas after being recommended by a friend who was already a patient. I have a chronic neck problem resulting from two whiplash accidents in motor vehicles several years ago.

Dr Kakleas has provided me with excellent care resulting in the immediate relief of my recurring neck pain. Additionally, he has provided an assortment of stretches and strength building exercises to control my problem on a long term basis.

I highly recommend Dr. Kakleas to anyone needing relief of acute and/or chronic pain."

~ Jack Kluge

"After a 43 year lay off I decided to begin an exercise program and thought pole vaulting would be good to try again since I had done it in high school. Needless to say, pole vaulting at 65 years of age causes me to be far more susceptible to injury than younger athletes.

Dr. Kakleas came highly recommended by a local high school pole vault coach after pain developed in my left calf. Since then I have had other leg and knee injuries as well; all of which Dr. Kakleas has fixed with his therapy, exercise plans, recommendations, and treatments.

Dr. Kakleas has kept me vaulting competitively for 2 years. I recently cleared 10.0' and hope to clear 10' 6" or higher very soon."

~ Art Ribbel

"I have known Dr K for the past 4 to 5 years during which time I was involved in two auto accidents injuring my neck and back. I am self-employed as a barber and he got me back to work without much delay.

I would not trade Dr K for anyone else!"

~ Pierre Denis

"I wanted to thank you for coming in to help us preserve our work environment. After coming in and observing our employees perform their duties and then to come back and put on such a well thought out hands-on clinic was wonderful ."

~ Steven A. Kay, Toyota 101

"Thank you for speaking to our employees. I received many favorable comments from those who attended and it appears that quite a few have already begun implementing your suggestions at their workstations."

~ Ann Dennis, Nikon Precision Inc.

"Thank you for your entertaining and comprehensive workshop. Although many of our employees have the proper workstation equipment, apparently it had not been adequately fitted to their requirements.

Your ergonomic recommendations for equipment and safety in the workplace are invaluable."

~ J.R. Best, The Sakura Bank, Ltd.


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